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Got Morning Dragon?

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About me. Well I am currently 28 years old. White male about six foot five or so. I'm gay. I'm a furry, and a suiter. I have been in the fandom since 1996, and been suiting since 2005. I usually go to FC, TexasFurryFiesta, and AC. I have gone to MFF and Camp Feral. I currently own 2 otter suits, 1 dragon, 1 gryphon, 1 raccoon, and 1 raven suit. I do have adult suits, and while I think its normal and ok I do keep it behind posts and out of the way because it isnt for everyone. I also love the renfaires and go to Scarby up in Dallas and TRF down in Houston. I have many costumes, and I used to LARP a lot when I lived in NY. I'm a fairly social critter, and enjoy getting out and meeting people and making friends. I play D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, EclipsePhase, and several games for the computer/PS3/360. I work in the tech field, and would like to finish my chem. eng. degree soon. I love animals and currently have 3 cats. Other then that, look over my posts or IM me and find out more :).